Exercise Therapy


What do you get?




Some clients want a more personal training session. These clients sometimes only come in ONCE PER WEEK for their training, and then do the rest at their gym of choice. It's easier on your budget, and allows you to REACH YOUR GOALS faster than doing it on your own! Bring the family to cut the costs even more!​

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One-on-one training:


Many clients come to us asking for the hardest workout possible. They want to "feel the burn" and leave aching and feeling like they got their money's worth. After a few weeks of working with us, they realize that by training smart, they achieve better results all without risking injury! Training until you feel sick is never advisable, and will most likely set you back. Training for slow and steady gains (remember the tortoise and hare?), will help you consistently achieve your goals. 

Think about it: How often do shortcuts work? How many exercise programs and fad diets have you tried? I know I've fallen victim to some over my lifetime and I'll bet you have as well. The big question is: Why are you here? I'd bet it's because those plans didn't work. You may have also been referred by one of our awesome clients!

Here, you will learn, you will practice, and you will get good enough to take this information and use it on your own. If we can inspire some of our clients to go on to be trainers and doctors, then we have done our job!

2-on-1 $40

3-on-1 $30

4-on-1 $25

​5-on-1 $20

6-on-1 $15

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Other clients choose to bring friends and family along for their training sessions. The benefits? Decreased costs, motivation, friendly competition, and a better learning experience!

Here, you will learn how to train to get your desired results. You will be taught how to perform the most important exercises correctly, and you will repeat them enough over your first few months to realize you've found the right place. By tweaking your movements and perfecting them, you will realize how strong you really can be. You won't believe how easy it will be to pick up your kids, carry groceries, or do household chores.

Group training:


Many people use exercise to get stronger or look better, but don't forget about using exercise to prevent injuries and recover from them. 

At Reppert Chiropractic, we see the value in covering the entire range:

  • rehabilitation to speed up the recovery process
  • strength training for non athletes
  • preparation for recreation leagues
  • preparation for obstacle races (warrior dash, tough mudder, etc).
  • preventing injuries in college and high-school athletes.
  • And of course, we can help you earn that physique you're after too!


​We customize your plan based on your goal. We don't offer cookie-cutter solutions to drive profits; we just get results. You guide us, and we design and implement the plan together. We can add nutrition plans and supplements to improve results, or stick with an exercise plan alone.

Based on your level of commitment, your time constraints, and of course, your financial situation, we can design a plan that allows you to train semi-independently and still have a watchful eye guide your movements. We can work together on a weekly basis, or meet more often. Many clients train one-on-one once per week, and then perform the rest of the program on their own. They benefit from working one-on-one, perfecting their form, and also limit their expenses. It's win-win!