Who uses Graston?

Graston technique is an instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation system. Instead of using their hands, doctors trained in the Graston Technique use specially designed instruments to perform the same job. The instruments can cover a large area quickly and effectively and the tools are shaped to fit the specific curves of the human body. 

Many professional and collegiate teams choose Graston to help their athletes recover from injury and return to the field.  Olympians have also seen doctors trained in the Graston Technique in recent years.

Using an orange, we can help understand two terms that many may not have heard before: soft tissue and fascia.  Think of them as the white fuzzy, fibrous material that connects an orange rind to the part of the orange you actually eat.  This membrane is very similar to a type of tissue found in the human body. It is found in the muscles, surrounding the muscles, and under the skin, among other locations. It can become inflamed, like many other tissues in the body, and can be the source of pain syndromes. It can also be part of a pain syndrome instead of the sole source. 

Graston Technique practitioners aim to break down scar tissue formed after an injury. This scar tissue can be laid down after severe injuries such as tendon rupture and subsequent surgery, and can also be deposited slowly over time in areas of high stress.  The latter example is common in repetitive motion injuries that commonly affect overhead athletes (baseball and tennis players), but can also be found in people who work on assembly lines or other jobs that require repeating the same motion frequently.

When our body heals, it lays down a quick, cheap framework for further healing. If the tissue is not stressed or moved properly, the body may continue laying down this cheap tissue, leading to a scar forming. If the tissue is properly moved through it's pain-free range-of-motion (ROM), this granular tissue can be broken down. The body will then add a stronger form of tissue in it's place. 

By continually breaking down the cheap scar tissue, and performing exercises that stress the problem area properly, we can stimulate healing, and in some cases, speed up recovery time.

​Graston Technique, combined with strategic exercise modalities such as stretching can lead to improved outcomes. Contact us today to consult with Dr. Reppert to determine if Graston is appropriate for your case.

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Almost 25,000 clinicians use Graston technique on a daily basis!​ On top of that, many amateur and professional sports teams have a clinician on staff that is Graston-trained! Here's a short list below:

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Kansas City Royals
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