Silver plan

1 session per month (12 months) + 6 nutrition plans OR 6 workout plans per year* (includes phone call and email support) $1000

6 months for $547

​3 months for $287

​*House calls add $10-20 travel fee per session and nutrition/ workout plans can be mixed (3 workouts and 3 nutrition, etc)

Email me directly for these plans. Concierge chiropractic takes time to set up, and to ensure you are my focus/ VIP, I want to make sure we get everything squared away before-hand! I want to know the best days and times that work for you, what chiropractic treatments have worked in the past, and a little bit about your health history as well. We will schedule a call (30-60 minutes of my time) to ensure that you get the best possible healthcare and performance plans!

Click here to send that email and lock in your rate! or copy/paste this:


​2 sessions per month (12 months) + customized nutrition and workout plans (includes phone call and email support) $1600

​6 months for $847

3 months for $447

​*House calls travel fee is WAIVED! (No wonder it's the most popular!)

It all depends on what you want! I offer multiple plans, from just wellness adjustments, to combination plans that include personal training and nutrition plans! ​

You're busy, stressed out, and you desperately want to improve your health. You've tried other chiropractors, but got tired of the quick treatments that didn't give you everything you wanted. You left feeling better, but always had to deal with the problem coming back. Your workout plans never seemed to get you great results, and you've tried tons of fad diets with minimal improvement.

Enter the concierge model.

You no longer have to waste time in waiting rooms because this plan puts you on the VIP list. Your treatments, workout plans, and nutrition plans are tailored to your wants and needs, and results will keep rolling in as long as you follow the plan. Stress will drop, because you don't have to worry about the details. All you have to do is execute the plan, keep in touch, and have some fun along the way!

Concierge chiropractic is a novel approach that allows you to focus on what you do in your life, schedule ahead of time, and set a schedule based on your needs and budget! You can come to me, or I can come to you. (House-calls are back baby!) With concierge chiropractic, you can lock in multiple sessions with the doctor over a course of a month or year. Plus, you can add in personal training and nutrition plans! 

For performance athletes, this is a no brainer! CrossFit, powerlifters, bodybuilders, and traditional sport athletes get beat up from training, but don't have a clinical problem. Without a clinical problem, there's no diagnosis, so insurance isn't involved. But, there are still things to work on when you have subclinical issues! You stretch everyday, but are you doing the right stretches? You may have trouble reaching overhead, but is it an issue with your lats, or do you need an adjustment? Your forearms are tight, but Graston technique may be just what you need!

With concierge chiropractic, I can come to you, and work with you BEFORE you train to improve your practice or workout session! The key here is working on things before (to improve performance), instead of after (for pain relief).

Look, I've been there. I ballooned up to 289 pounds, after being a college athlete for years. I pitched in the College World Series, and never had an issue with stress, workouts, or my weight. Then, adulthood happened! A friend in Iowa told me about the concierge model and I got started right away. Since then, I haven't had to worry about anything. Someone else wrote my workout plans, my nutrition plans, and ensured I didn't have to wait when seeing the chiropractor!

Since moving back home, I've adapted that model to include house-calls (to make your life easier!), and feel the prices are set very fairly. You see, I used to charge $120/ hour for personal training. With just weekly sessions, that's almost $500/month! Results were great, but it's hard to keep clients at those prices! So, I came up with package deals that'll help get you what you want, for much less than your unlimited CrossFit membership will get you. Plus, you get to work with a doctor, and someone who has been in charge of college strength and conditioning programs and teaches anatomy to future MDs, nurses, and physician assistants. Your average personal trainer doesn't have the knowledge of the human body that I do, and that goes a long way when it comes to optimizing performance.

Here's an outline of my plan: The B.E.A.M. program!




Myofascial Release

​Now, if this doesn't make sense, let me clear up a few misconceptions that people have:

  • Many people want these methods to be performed AFTER their workout. In CrossFit (I used to work inside of a "box"), they "assume the position" (writhing on the floor) after a workout and want some work done to alleviate the pain and stress. It's not as beneficial because their workout won't be optimized! Plus, treatments wear off over time! Seeing me BEFORE the workout allows them to perform their best, and gets better results than doing so AFTER a workout!

  • Many athletes apply these methods themselves. "Hey Jim, can you crack my back?" Or, they use myofascial release such as lacrosse balls (FAIL!), or use foam rollers. But, they usually apply it in the wrong areas! Doctors are trained to look for the cause. If you're having trouble moving, you need to find the cause. Here's an example. If you have a rock in your shoe, do you change the way you walk (compensation), or do you take the rock out of your shoe?!?!

  • A common misconception: many people think chiropractors are spine doctors only. While I am damn good at spine complaints, I've taken a dozen courses on extremity (arms and legs) adjusting and rehab. Plus, I've worked under or with Olympic Medalists, powerlifters, athletic trainers, and have worked with doctors who have worked for major healthcare corporations as well. I understand sports and human movement, and can apply that knowledge to your case!

Platinum PLan

Weekly sessions: (adjustments/ 1-on-1 training) + customized nutrition and workout plan (includes phone call and email support) - $2000

​6 months for $1200

​3 months for $700

​*House calls add $10-20 travel fee per session

Okay, I'm in, but how much will it cost?

What is concierge chiropractic?

If you're unable to commit those funds, please feel free to contact me. I'm open to working with you to develop a customized plan to fit your needs and your budget. I'm not in this for the money. My only passion is being the best at what I do; and that's changing your life in a positive manner! The costs go to ensuring you and a few select others get my full attention, and immediate appointments!

F.R.E.E.No strings attached demo of the program

Allentown Chiropractic - Concierge Style

Bronze Plan

1 Session per month (12 months): $700

​6 months for $397

3 months for $227

*House calls add $10-20 travel fee per session

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